About me

Tõnis Bramanis is a young innovative photographer, promoter and IT-specialist.

Bramanis was born 12th of april, 1986, in Haapsalu, Estonia.
In elementary school, around 2000 he had his first serious encounters with computers. Operating systems like Win 95, 98 and NT were the ground of the knowledge what he uses nowadays. In the beginning of the 9th grade he met a schoolmate who used Linux, Slackware to be exact. The schoolmate gave him a Pentium-based computer with Slackware for experimenting. For almost a year the server worked in history classroom, had a public static ip and a telnet chat service running on it.
In elementary school he also had his first contact with cd-decks for deejays and discovered his addiction to club music but he never had the opportunity really to use dj equipment.

After going to high school, he did not have so much opportunities to work with computers so he developed interest in photography, borrowed digital cameras from friends and took photos of his female classmates.
Soon Tõnis found a friend who was the IT-specialist of another high school in Haapsalu and he had the possibility to study computers again. There he learned the basics of domain controllers and learned to use Win 2000.

After finishing high school Tõnis did not have a chance to learn IT in Haapsalu, so he found himself a job in a elementary school near Haapsalu. There he built his first domain controller with roaming profiles, from scratch. He also renewed almost all the hardware, from network devices like switches or routers to the computers.
The school had a very old camera, which did not work at all. With his interest in photography Tõnis bought the first digital SLR camera for the school. He quickly learned to use it well and took photos everywhere. In the woods, parties and sport contests. Soon he realised that he likes to take photos of people the most.
In 2006 his friends started a club in Haapsalu, called "Club Impulse". At almost all parties Tõnis took photos of beautiful people and started liking it more and more. He travelled around the country making photos in all the biggest clubs in Estonia. The clubbing culture knew him and his photos.

In the beginning of 2007 Haapsalu's only photostudio threatened to close and Tõnis could not accept that. In june the studio closed for good. In august Tõnis started to rebuild the old studio, giving the freshness needed to seduce customers. In october 27th 2007 the new studio was opened.

Through the years he has been part of organisational teams of parties and festivals around the country. His skills in communication have solved many issues.

Most of his life he has been living in his hometown but since 2009 is residing in the capital of Estonia, Tallinn. There he has more opportunities to develop his own deejay skills instead of promoting other disc jockeys.

New design

Today i decided i need to facelift my webpage, it was a static “about page” for more than 5 years, i think that’s enough.   Hopefully i’ll find time to fill it with information/posts as well, in the near (or not so near) future. Read more →